Are you eligible for the Quebec government’s Innovation Program?


Is your business developing or planning to develop a new innovative product or manufacturing process soon? Good news! You could be eligible for financing from the Quebec government through the Programme innovation – volet 1.

Launched on September 19, 2018, the program is the result of the review and consolidation of several previous grant programs, such as the Programme Premier Brevet, which was very popular among innovative product developers. However, the Programme innovation is even more advantageous as it is not limited to a business’s first patent, but can also apply to subsequent patents in a very favourable way.

To be eligible for the Programme innovation, projects must meet certain criteria including:

  • being related to the development of a new product or manufacturing process or to the significant improvement of an existing product or manufacturing process;
  • demonstrating the required level of innovation, meaning that the product or manufacturing process must offer a significant advantage when compared to existing solutions on the market and in the targeted activity sector;
  • involving a technological or business risk or uncertainty facing your business;
  • requiring research and development (R&D) efforts; and
  • demonstrating commercial potential (if the product or manufacturing process is intended for sale).

Eligible projects may involve one business or a consortium of businesses and may or may not involve the collaboration of a member organization of QuébecInnove that carries out research and development, including universities, research centres and college centres for technology transfer (CCTT), and under certain conditions may even involve a partner based outside of Quebec.

The activities that are eligible for financing include:

  • activities related to intellectual property (IP) protection;
  • ctivities related to project planning, including project preparation and market research;
  • R&D activities, including development, design, engineering, prototyping and experimental testing;
  • compliance with standards and regulations, marketing, support services and international development; and
  • demonstrating a product or manufacturing process under real operating conditions in front of potential clients.

In the category of IP protection, the following are eligible for financing: expenses for patentability and freedom to operate analyses, drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications, strategic advice and acquiring IP rights or licences. If your request for financing includes expenses related to IP protection, it must be accompanied by a service offer prepared by an IP professional.

An IP specialist from Lavery would be pleased to assist you with implementing an IP protection strategy tailored to your project and can create a service offer that is compliant with the program criteria.

The program details, application form and guide can be downloaded here.

Please contact a member of our team if you would like more information about the program.