Lavery Ecosystem


Collective intelligence is the key to your success, and is the reason why our GO inc. team will recommend strategic alliances that will optimize your project’s chances of success. We will connect you with a multidisciplinary business network that will take your company to new heights.

Financial institutions

We will recommend the financial partners that will meet your needs and offer you products that are suited to your business situation.


Discover the key investors (investment funds, financial angels, and other private investors) in your market. We will also act as strategic advisors in your financing rounds.

Professional services

If you need a consultant who specializes in accounting, operations management, human resources, or technology, we will put you in touch with our partners, who will help you build your team of business advisors.

Experienced entrepreneurs

Get connected with a network of entrepreneurs working in every field who can be part of your advisory committee or mentor you or your partners.

Business networks and associations

Benefit from the opportunities that the Lavery network provides. We are involved as members, speakers and board members with the largest business and technology associations in Quebec.

Government authorities

We are familiar with the complexity of the various situations you have to deal with and our team will be able to help you navigate the labyrinth of government bureaucracy.

International partners

Whether you are accessing a new market, moving employees, or dealing with multiple foreign and international regulatory schemes, we will put our international network at your service to grow your startup.

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