Our program


Creating a startup means taking risks. The GO inc. team understands that every entrepreneur can feel overwhelmed by the legal aspects involved in their project. In solution mode, our team will offer you products and packages that can be tailored to your needs.

The GO inc. program was designed by lawyers who understand that not everyone speaks legalese: our objective is to simplify life for you. Launching a startup involves its share of challenges: your success depends on your ability to raise funds, on your competition, or on the regulatory environment. Together, we will examine the context of your project and help you develop the best legal framework for protecting your ideas.

We are the best legal partners to advise you at all stages of your startup’s life cycle. The GO inc. program is a simple solution consisting of four components that can meet all your legal needs.

> Defining the legal framework of your business

This choice is crucial for your future. We will present you with the governance structure that best corresponds to your project. Our team will guide you in establishing your company, drafting your shareholders’ agreement, creating the minute book, and the other necessary steps.

> Protecting your intellectual property

Registering a trademark and domain names, applying for patents: your ideas are your most precious assets! Before validating your product or service in the market, think about protecting your intellectual property. A confidentiality agreement will make all the difference if your lead programmer decides to leave you one day.

> Promoting your growth

Risk capital, crowdfunding, financial angels – we are familiar with the workings of the various financing chains, whether by borrowing or by issuing shares. We will negotiate the terms of your contracts with you, in clear and accessible language, while you focus on your business.

> Managing your labour relations

Drafting employment contracts, compensation principles, contracts for services – our HR toolbox includes standard agreements to be personalized to meet your needs. We also offer made-to-measure training in labour relations, hiring rules, employee health and safety, and telework.

International growth: we have the network to support you. Already the exit? We will be there too.

If you are interested in joining our program,  write to us!