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Creating a startup involves taking risks. The GO inc. team knows that entrepreneurs may feel overwhelmed by the legal aspects inherent to their projects. Our solution-oriented team offers products and packages that can be tailored to your needs.

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    I need to create a legal entity for my business

    Together, we will evaluate the corporate structure that best suits your needs, based on your plans.

    Incorporating and organizing a business corporation at the provincial or federal level
    A legal instrument commonly used by entrepreneurs to allow their business to operate as a separate legal entity with its own tax and legal benefits.

    Shareholders’ agreement
    Does your company have several founders? Use a shareholders’ agreement to protect the respective interests of all.

    Organizing records for a previously incorporated business corporation
    If your business corporation is already incorporated but you haven’t yet completed its corporate organization (preparing shareholders’ and board resolutions, updating corporate registers, issuing share certificates, etc.), this solution is for you.

    Amending articles based on Lavery’s standard share capital structure
    The share capital of a corporation determines the rights associated with each class of shares.

    Standard terms and conditions and privacy policy
    Does your company have a mobile app or a publicly accessible website? Protect yourself with terms and conditions and a privacy policy to establish the rights of users of your platforms.

    I need tax planning strategies

    Together, we’ll evaluate the fiscal structure that best suits your needs and plans.

    Creating a family trust
    Optimize your personal tax planning by using a family trust. Assess this option with the help of our professionals.

    Registering for sales taxes (GST/QST)
    If you plan to sell taxable goods or services, you must register for sales taxes (GST/QST). Become eligible for refunds or credits for the sales taxes you pay.

    I want to protect my intellectual property

    Trademark registration, domain names, patent filing: your ideas are your most valuable assets.

    Standard intellectual property assignment agreement (registration in public registers not included)
    Make sure the intellectual property rights of anyone involved in developing your technology are assigned to your company.

    Registering a trademark in Canada
    Is your company brand gaining in value? Registering a trademark in Canada is the best possible way to protect a trademark in the country. Doing so will ensure you have exclusive rights to it.

    Preliminary search of the Register of Trademarks for a trademark
    A search in the Register of Trademarks will help you determine whether another company is already using a similar or identical trademark to the one that you have registered or are in the process of registering.

    Full availability search for a trademark
    A comprehensive availability search will provide you with a complete and accurate account of similar or identical trademarks to yours, whether they have been registered or not.

    Registering a trademark in other countries
    Do your activities extend beyond Canada's borders? A Canadian trademark protects you only in Canada. It may be wise to consider registering your trademark in other jurisdictions.

    Drafting and filing a patent application
    By filing a patent application, you will eventually benefit from a patent on your invention to ensure optimal protection and exclusivity of use.

    Patentability research
    Not all inventions can be protected by patent. Patentability research will determine whether an invention is patentable, meaning it is novel, useful and inventive.

    Counterfeit search
    Do you suspect that someone is selling, manufacturing or using your patented invention illegally? With a counterfeit search, you can determine if this person is truly interfering with the monopoly your patent guarantees.

    I am recruiting employees and collaborating with freelancers. Can you help me get organized?

    Drafting employment contracts, remuneration principles, service contracts: our HR toolboxes include standard agreements you can modify according to your needs.

    Confidentiality agreement (NDA)
    Are you sharing confidential information with a potential business partner? Make sure this person does not disclose this information to third parties.

    Standard employment contract
    Your schedule is becoming difficult to manage and you’re considering hiring your first employee? Clearly establish this new employee’s working conditions and deal with issues such as salary, vacation, probation period, etc. in compliance with the law.

    Standard service contract
    Do you hire freelancers to help you develop your business? Establish clear and lawful terms and conditions for the services rendered.

    Training in labour relations
    Our team will be pleased to offer you made-to-measure labour relations training, whether it be to learn about the regulations that govern hiring, occupational health and safety, or dismissal.

    I’m looking for financing

    Venture capital, crowdfunding, angel investors: we know all about the inner workings of different financing chains for debt, convertible debt or equity, for example. We will help you negotiate your contract conditions in clear and accessible language while you focus on your business.

    Term sheet
    Have you found an investor willing to invest in your business? The term sheet serves as a first step for agreeing on the terms of the proposed investment and setting them down in writing.

    Share subscription agreement
    Is an investor planning to inject capital into your business through a share purchase? Establish the terms and conditions of this investment.

    Convertible debenture or SAFE
    Is an investor intending to invest in your business through a convertible debenture or a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)? Establish the terms and conditions of this investment.

    Stock option plan
    Do you want to motivate and retain your key employees? Offer these resources the chance to become a shareholder in your company.

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